AB Drip Foam | Natural Cleanser

cleaning pipes and drip and irrigation systems

AB DRIP FOAM Description

AB Drip Foam gets its ‘power’ from the combination of natural soap and the wash-active and cleaning properties of the oligomers (polysaccharides and oligosaccharides) that occur naturally in seaweed. These seaweed extracts in AB Drip Foam give the product a double and unique character: they function as a biosurfactant attacking the organic and inorganic pollution, but also function as a biostimulant. It is known that oligosaccharides and seaweed extracts stimulate plant growth. AB Drip Foam is user-friendly and completely biodegradable. It leaves no toxic residues on the plant and does not harm beneficial insects.

AB Drip Foam is intended for professional use for cleaning pipes and drip and irrigation systems to prevent shutdown and blockages.


    • Cleans and removes biofilm, organic and inorganic deposits of minerals, etc.;
    • Has a mild and long-lasting effect;
    • Is not toxic to plants;
    • Leaves no residues;
    • Especially for long-term treatment of drip and irrigation systems, drip hoses, rain pipes, water and storage tanks, water basins.