Silicon is the most abundant element on the earth’s crust in the form of many different silicon compounds. However, only one form of silicon is bio-available and that is mono-silicic-acid or MSA. This MSA molecule is an essential actor in the cell chemistry of living beings. It is, however, very unstable.

The basis of Rexil’s agro technology is the development of stabilised mono-silicic acid. More than 20 years ago, our technical director Dr H.M. Laane discovered that silicon, in the form of MSA, plays a crucial role in the biochemistry of humans. This insight in turn led him to perform research which concluded that this applies to the living cells of all kinds of life, making it highly effective in both plants and animals.

Based on this knowledge many demonstrations and scientific tests have been carried out on all kinds of animals, fish and plants with positive results. Many of these findings resulted in patents and were published in an array of scientific papers.

Our Timeline


First idea application silicic acid technique

As a Medical docter, Dr. Laane was interested in improving the immunity of the human body and during his research on HIV/AIDS and on Dermatology, he became involved in a compound called silicic acid, which was helpful to increase the immune system.


First patent silicic acid

From the year 1999 we started research on the biological effects of silicic acid in humans, animals and plants resulting in the first patent in 2002. Dr. Laane introduced ‘silicic acid’ as a dietary supplement in 2002 in Europe. Althoug very successful, it was early in the recognision process.


Trials on plants show positive results

Based on the same silicic acid technology we started trials on plants. Silicic acid improved the growth and yield of the plants and nutritional value increased. This technique became known as SAAT (Silicic Acid Agro Technology).


Ready for international sales

With more than 10 years of collaborations with several universities worldwide, positive test results on various types of crops and under various weather conditions, we were ready for international sales.


Product development

In the 20 years between the first tests and 2021 ReXil Agro improved the silicic acid technique. We developed a range of ecofriendly biofertilizers / biostimulants to improve aquaculture, agriculture and husbandry in a safe and effective way.


Regenerative Farming

The principles behind regenerative farming, ecological management and resource allocation have become the norm. Utilising the latest technology and insides we drive towards greater agricultural and productivity and will embrace sustainability by introducing this regenerative farming innovation.

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