Research & Development

Improved and effective alternatives.

Motivated to keep seeking for improved and effective alternatives.

During last decades chemical-based agricultural practices (fertilizers, pesticides) have substantially increased crop yields. However, this indiscriminate use of agrochemicals has contributed significantly to the environmental pollution and have adversely affected human and animal health.

A growing worldwide concern for these problems has motivated ReXil-Agro to seek eco-friendly, safe and effective alternatives. An important contribution to this solution is the combination of safe, innovative and efficient technologies with mutual synergistic effects.

Over 20 years we collected a database with test results, feedback from our farmers, old and new techniques. With this knowledge we have developed a range of products which will produce a combination of high yielding and nutritious crops using safe and eco-friendly agro-practices with the added value of cost-effectiveness.

Our products are formulated in the laboratory and carefully tested on open field and in greenhouses, within different countries under various environmental conditions.

Our technologies ‘respect’ cultural differences prevalent in many countries preventing the disintegration of economic and social conditions in rural communities.