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Silicon plays a crucial role in diatoms: the very start of life on Earth. These microalgae in water systems and oceans are the biggest sink of absorb 40% of all CO2 and produce 35% of all O2 on Earth. Diatoms are completely dependent MSA. Without MSA, no diatoms. Without diatoms no life on earth.

Modern agriculture with the use of using pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, has reduced our biodiversity dramatically. Our soil is polluted and dries out, it is becoming dust. As a result, beneficial soil organisms have disappeared. In a healthy and balanced nature, MSA is produced by these micro-organisms at the roots of plants. Because this no longer happens at the rate as it should be, all living organisms have a deficiency of MSA. Because this is no longer happening, at the rate as it should be, all plants will get a MSA-deficiency with a very negative impact on growth and plant health.

Applying by using Rexil’s MSA technology, called SAAT (Silicic Acid Agri Technology),  the structural integrity of the plants will be restored, making them more resistant to drought, heat, and salinity and to pests and diseases. The importance of Silicon (as MSA) is now more and more recognized, and Silicon is classified as a beneficial plant nutrient for plants in legislations in a growing number of countries.