AB Yellow | Agriculture

Improves quality, more yield, better resistance.

AB YELLOW Description

AB YELLOW is intended for the cultivation of a wide variety of agricultural crops including wheat, barley, rice, corn, sunflower, potato, sugar beet, sugar cane, rapeseed and soy.

AB YELLOW is a liquid fertilizer based on stabilized, bioavailable Silicic Acid and a mixture of  micronutrients including Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc. AB YELLOW is used as foliar spray, drip irrigation or soil drenching.


    • Improves resistance to fungus and insects.
    • Better resistance to drought and salinity.
    • Improves product quality: brix, firmness, shelf-life.
    • More yield: weight, size and better quality.
    • Bigger root system.
    • More and stronger stems/tillers, less lodging.
    • Larger leaves with more chlorophyll, more produce.